Could this be your year!

Tournament Information

  • Starting on the 12th March

  • Year 10 students U15s 

  • Kick off for each game will be 4pm 

  • Matches Last for 60 minutes - 30 minutes a half

  • Officials will be provided for each game

  • Home and Away Fixtures

  • Group stage:

  1. Four groups of three.

  2. Each team will play each other one time.

  3. Top two teams will progress to the quarterfinals.

  • Knockout stage:

  1. Quarter Final- 1 Game

  2. Semi Final- 2 Legs Home/Away

  3. Third Place play off- Doug Ellis Sports Centre 8th June

  4. Final- Doug Ellis Sports Centre 10th June 

* In addition we are aware that at this time of year pitches are not always available, if that is the case we have alternatives. 


* Dates/Time are set but Adjustable should any circumstances call for change.

For any other information please feel to email us at