Could this be your year!

What do you have to look forward to?

Great competition 

At New Horizon Sports we work to make sure our competitions are enjoyable for all involved.


we like to reward people for what they do. this year we will have prizes for coaches as well as for the schools and students.



Bringing the community together is a big part of new horizon sports, our objective is to build a community and atmosphere around this tournament. let's get everyone involved.


The use of statistics has been essential in professional football since it began. statistics give us the ability see where players stand in a competition.


our use of stats to record how much goals,assist and chances created, give football scouts a more detailed view of your players.

we want players to enjoy more than football

yes , we want the football to be amazing, but more than that those who are involved can express themselves through pre and post match interviews.also setting challenges to post on social media, we want to create an atmosphere of fun around tournament.